Piper PA-30 Series

General information about the Piper PA-30 series

The Piper PA-30 is the twin-engine successor to the Piper PA-28. The machine is related to the Piper PA-39, which are mostly identical aircraft. They only differ in the engines. The first flight of the PA-30 was completed on November 7, 1962. One year later, in 1963, series production began, which went until 1972. During this period, 2,156 pieces were built. The machine was manufactured by the eponymous company Piper Aircraft Corporation. At the beginning of the construction several accidents were due to flat spin. These were resolved by changes and the Piper PA-30 was able to establish itself in the aircraft market. In 1965, the successor model, the Piper PA-30 B was introduced. This model benefits from six seats instead of just four. In addition, another window was installed. The PA-30 C came on the market in 1970 and has a greater cruising speed and an optimized interior.

Technical data for the Piper PA-30 series

The following data refers to the basic model, the PA-30. This has a span of 10.97 meters and is 2.49 meters high. It has an empty weight of 1,002 kilograms and can start with a maximum weight of 1,633 kilograms. There are four people in the machine, whereby the pilot is included. The optimal cruising speed is 312 kilometers per hour and the top speed is 330 kilometers per hour. With tip tanks, the range at 2,190 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling touches at 5,670 meters. The Piper PA-30 is powered by two class Lycoming IO-320-B1 A boxer engines with 120 kilowatts each.

Products and services for the Piper PA-30 series

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