Autopilot Upgrade

Relaxed flying means arriving relaxed — thanks to autopilot

Due to simplified access to IFR licenses, more and more pilots wish to make their aircraft capable of IFR. 

In this the autopilot plays a decisive role. When aircraft are already equipped with IFR, they often sport legacy Bendix King or Nav-o-matic autopilots. 

These were regarded the "non plus ultra" of the last century. But the servos are now old and fragile and their computer transistors show symptoms of fatigue and failure. 

Porta Air Service offers mechanics and avionics from a single source and so is your ideal partner for autopilot upgrades. A retrofit is now extremely worthwhile due to the many innovations available, in particular those from Garmin. 

They help reduce the strain in the cockpit enormously and serve as electronic co-pilot in tricky situations.

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