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Our mission

Expertise is deeply rooted in us

At Porta Air Service we have a deep-seated passion for general and business aviation. Not simply because most of our team have a pilot’s license, but mainly because we possess the know-how and aspiration to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

Thanks to our having some 55 years of experience, a highly skilled team and a wide range of licenses and rights, we certainly know what we are talking about and are able to offer our customers a truly all-round service.

Whether for airframe, engines, propeller, avionics, interior or paintwork – we take care of you and your aircraft as a whole.

We attach great importance to making sure that general and business aviation retains a high level of acceptance by the public with everything we do. 

That is why with our repair and renovation work we pay particular attention to noise and environmental protection and are always keen to adopt new techniques.


Over the horizon and far beyond

The thirst for travel is as unquenched as ever. For sure road and rail infrastructure is incapable of coping with traffic growth. In many places the traffic situation is already verging on collapse. Sitting in traffic jams has become a regular experience.

Commercial aviation is also approaching its limit with airports bursting at the seams.

The chances of an easy journey are now slim, due to long connection times, security checks, disruptions, strikes, etc.

How are we to avoid the transport meltdown? General and business aviation appears the best alternative. 

We are convinced this form of aviation will become increasingly important. And we intend giving it our active support.

In our view Europe possesses a huge, but little used infrastructure comprised of hundreds of regional airfields that form a comprehensive network across the whole of Europe. If this network were properly exploited and expanded it would make aviation far more attractive.

At Porta Air Service we have the technical ability, know-how and passion to develop this network.

Let’s fly…


There's no substitute for experience

In 1965
Porta Air Service was founded as Hans Kaiser LTB. It was the sixth company of this type in Germany.

In 1970s 
Hans Kaiser LTB was aviation insurer for Allianz and agent for Piper in Germany. When the German Association of General Aviation Operators (BBAL) was formed in 1989 Hans Kaiser was a founding member.

When 1989 
the Federal Association of General Aviation Companies, Hans Kaiser was a founding member.

In 2007 
Hans Kaiser LTB was renamed Porta Air Service. But not only was the name changed, new areas of business were established, in particular avionics. Proof that Porta Air Service also had the requisite know-how for this new field of work was given at the AERO Friedrichshafen that same year: with the Cessna 210 Demonstrator.

Expansion of competences was further advanced in 2012 

when Porta Air Service undertook the first "BlackHawk" conversion for King Air and opened a second location: at Larnarca International Airport (LCLK) in Cyprus.

Since 2013 
Porta Air Service has worked together with Aero Technik Klaus Siemers GmbH and in so doing gained a further location — at Hamburg Airport (EDDH).

From 2014 
Porta Air Service has placed a strong focus on avionics, in particular as authorised Garmin installer.

In 2015 
Porta Air Service became an FAA Repair Station and is able to offer a complete service for N-numbered aircraft.

In 2016 
Porta Air Service formed an aircraft maintenance group with airplus of Friedrichshafen, which has eight locations in all.

Porta Air Service enters drone service with RoboticSkies 

Friedrichshafen becomes a Porta Air Service location

Certificated Standards

Porta has all the important certificates that are necessary for lawfully moving an aircraft under the spheres of influence of EASA and FAA. Testing and approvals are therefore carried out directly at our facilities.

Strong partnerships

Porta is regarded as such a reliable and competent partner by well-known brands in the aviation industry the companies like to work in close cooperation with us. We take this as a compliment and recognition of our work.

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