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Porta Air Service is a totally inclusive one stop shop. This means we are able - and qualified - to undertake all types of work on your aircraft. You only need to land beside our workshop, because we will do everything you need there – which includes any inspections and approvals required.

24/7 — Our open door policy

Most pilots use their evenings and weekends to pursue their passion for flying.

When they do need help or service – for whatever reason – at most workshops they are faced with closed doors.

At Porta Air Service the doors are open at all times.

For normal services, questions, but also for emergencies.

If a pilot needs an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) rescue, all it takes is phone call and Porta Air Service will take care of everything necessary to secure the airplane and – if feasible – repair it.

For such special cases Porta Air Service has made a 24/7 hotline available. Calling 0800 727 1965 you will always reach a qualified contact partner who is able to answer your questions and deal with your problems.

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Porta Air Service GmbH & Co KG • Flughafen 9
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