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The designation Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) was established by EASA to ensure that aircraft are continuously maintained and fit to fly.

All aircraft managed by a CAMO must be serviced in accordance with an individual maintenance programme.

Porta Air Service is CAMO and maintenance programme provider rolled into one. This means we can offer you an all-round worry-free package from a single source. You concentrate on flying. We take care of the rest.

All checks on aircraft are carried out in accordance with a maintenance programme (IHP).

In theory there is a maintenance programme for each type of aircraft. In fact each aircraft needs one individually specified.

Every owner is obliged to obtain approval from the aviation authority responsible for such a maintenance programme.

The basis is defined by the maintenance manual that is supplied by the manufacturer.

Porta Air Service offers owners to prepare an individual maintenance programme for their aircraft and guarantee its compliance with CAMO guidelines.

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