Garmin 1000 NXi Upgrade

Upgrade your G1000 to the next level

Upgrade your G1000 to the next level

The new G1000 NXi adds connectivity and higher performance to the cockpit

# screens
2 or 3
Garmin GFC 700
Garmin Flighstream 510
Garmin GMA 347
Transponder Mode S / ADSB-Out
Garmin GTX 345R
VHF Radios
8.33kHz & 25kHz
GPS Receivers

Why upgrade to G1000NXI ?

1) Wireless database upgrades
2) Wireless flight plan transfers
3) Near instant system start-up
4) Crisper displays and resolution
5) Much faster graphics build-up
6) Additional map in HSI


The Garmin G1000 NXi

In avionics 13 years are an impressive production time. That's about the time that Garmin's G1000 has been at the forefront of the integrated avionics market. While Garmin has made incremental upgrades to the system - some important ones and some smaller ones - it says that the latest update, the Garmin G1000 NXi, is the largest ever.

G1000 NXi: physical extensions and display enhancements

The G1000 NXi system has advanced processing power that supports faster card rendering and smoother panning in all displays. You save valuable time in the cockpit and start within a few moments after commissioning, so you can immediately access frequencies, flight schedule data and more. The G1000 NXi system also includes state-of-the-art animations, a streamlined design for improved readability, and a new LED backlight that provides higher brightness and clarity, reduced power consumption, and improved dimming performance.

Next generation G1000 NXi

The wireless cockpit connectivity "Connext" enables additional functions within the integrated G1000 NXi cockpit. The Flight Steam 510 is available as an option and provides the Database Concierge, the wireless transmission of aviation databases from the Garmin Pilot App to the G1000 NXi system. In addition to the database concierge, the Flight Stream 510 supports bidirectional flight plan transfer, traffic sharing, weather, GPS information, background information, and more between the Garmin G1000 NXi and the compatible mobile devices with the Garmin Pilot App or the ForeFlight Mobile App. The pilot's watches are also synchronized with the Garmin Pilot App to ensure that the flight plan data throughout the cockpit matches.

The visual approaches built into the G1000 NXi system provide pilots with safety-enhancing guidance during visual flight conditions based on a three-degree glide path as low as the threshold of the runway. Pilots can select the runway they have been cleared for, set custom minimums, select vectors, or initiate the final approach and make a visual approach with the autopilot. By using visual approaches within the G1000 NXi, pilots are offered a more stable and precise trajectory during the approach and landing phase of air travel under optical conditions. Geographic map overlay within the HSI is available on the primary flight display, which also supports the visualization of the weather radar, SafeTaxi airport charts, NEXRAD, FIS-B weather, traffic, terrain and more. For example, the flight captains can view the SafeTaxi on the HSI map while preparing flight plan information on the multifunction display.

The optional SurfaceWatch runway monitoring technology provides visual and audible indicators that prevent flight captains from taking off and landing from a runway, or taking off and landing on a too short runway or runway, based on the performance data entered during preflight were. There are also visual and acoustic residual route announcements available on the runway, which provide acoustic descriptions beginning at 5,000 feet to 500 feet. To meet future airspace modernization initiatives, aircraft equipped with the G1000 NXi are compliant with the ADS-B requirements of the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency. The G1000 NXi also supports the display of various ADS-B In-Advance, including traffic and subscription-free weather. Flight information services broadcast weather products include: PIREPs, METARs, NEXRAD, TAFs, Temperatures and Winds High, SIGMETs, AIRMETs and NOTAMs. TargetTrend provides flight captains with a spontaneous method for assessing target trajectories and closing rates, while TerminalTraffic displays a detailed graphic of ADS-B equipped ground vehicles and aircraft throughout the airport environment. These ADS-B In benefits provide pilots with superior situational awareness throughout the airport and in flight.

On new installations, it is estimated that the integrated G1000 NXi flight deck in King Air aircraft offers a weight saving of 250 pounds or more, allowing additional flexibility in baggage, passenger and / or fuel loading. New G1000 NXi installations also use a new, fully integrated and lightweight air data and flight position reference system (ADAHRS) that optimizes the upgrade process. King Air owners and operators with an existing G1000 integrated flight deck can easily upgrade to the G1000 NXi with minimal aircraft downtime as the displays maintain the same footprint and port, eliminating the need for panel modifications.

Garmin 1000 NXi Upgrade

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