Extra 300 Serie

General information about the Extra 300 Series

The sports and aerobatic aircraft of the German manufacturer Extra Aircraft had its first flight on May 6, 1988. Three years later, the market entry followed. The company founder, Walter Extra, pursued a vision for a competitive high-performance aircraft with the Extra 300 series. To date, this machine is one of the few that is competitive in the Unlimited category. The aircraft built in Hünxe is available in different models. The biggest difference between the Extra 300 and its predecessors is the wings, which are made of fiber composites. In addition, the aircraft benefits from a more powerful engine. The first version of the series is a two-seat centerdeck, which has a symmetrical surface profile and a zero degree adjustment angle. This has the advantage that the machine has a neutral flight behavior in a normal and supine position. The Extra 300S variant is a single-seat version with a shorter span. This model had its maiden flight on March 5, 1992. A more aerobatic variant is the Extra 300SC. The 330LE originated from a collaboration with Siemens. For this purpose, an electric drive of the company was installed. This system was developed by Siemens and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Other variants include the Extra 300 / L, which was presented in 2008. Furthermore, the Extra 300L / LP / LC, which is a two-seat low-wing aircraft. Users of the Extra 300 are mainly from sport pilots and aerobatic teams. For example, the model is used by the Royal Jordanian Falcons.

Technical data for the Extra 300 series

The Extra 300 is powered by a Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 piston engine with the power of 224 kilowatts. There is space for one to two people in the machine. The speed is 407 kilometers per hour and the range is 769 kilometers. The Extra 300 has a maximal service ceiling of 4,877 meters. The empty weight is 667 kilograms, with the maximum star weight at 950 kilograms. The dimensions of the Extra 300 are as follows:

- Length: 6.94 meters
- height: 2.62 meters
- Span: 8,00 meters
- Wing area: 10.7 square meters

Products and Services for the Extra 300 Series

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