Eclipse Aerospace EA500

General information about the Eclipse Aerospace EA500

The Eclipse Aerospace EA 500 is a very light jet of the US manufacturer Eclipse Aviation. The first flight was completed on August 26, 2002 and on December 31, 2006, the market entry. The production period is from 2006 to 2009. In these three years, 270 copies of the Eclipse Aerospace EA500 were built. The machine was designed to create a light but fast jet that is equally economical. The model is mainly used for private and business flights. In addition, the machine is not only approved for single pilot operation, but also for visual and instrumental flights, as well as day and night flights. As a result of the insolvency of the company, the construction was suspended from 2009. The successor Eclipse Aerospace easily converted the EA500. They introduced the EA550 to the aircraft market in 2013.

Due to the enormously low takeoff weight, the company hoped to tap into new areas. By landing on small airfields, the US Department of Transportation expected a relief of the major airports. According to the company, the Eclipse Aerospace EA500 in 2008 should be the quietest, twin-engine jet in the world.

Technical data for the Eclipse Aerospace EA500

The jet can carry one to two crew members and three to four passengers. Depending on the configuration, this value increases to a maximum of five passengers. The machine is 10.20 meters long and 3.40 meters high. The span is 11.60 meters. On a long-haul flight, the cruise speed is 528 kilometers per hour, with the maximum speed being 685 kilometers per hour. The range is 2,408 kilometers. Here is an additional 45-minute reserve tank to add. The Eclipse Aerospace EA500 has a maximal service ceiling of 12,496 meters. The model is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW610F turbines.

Products and services for the Eclipse Aerospace EA500

For the Eclipse Aerospace EA500, we are offering the SE upgrade in the Exterior area. You can also benefit from our many services. We are happy to carry out a maintenance on your machine. We also do test flights or repairs. Likewise avionics inspections are among our services. In all work, of course, we make sure that the current laws and regulations of EASA are complied with. We are happy to respond to your special requests. Wire are looking forward to your visit!

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