Diamond DA42

General information about the Twin Star

The Diamond DA42 Twin Star is a light aircraft of the manufacturer Diamond Aircraft. The machine was designed in Austria. She had her first flight on 9 December 2002, followed by the market entry by the EASA in 2004 followed. Since then, this model is in mass production. The machine was developed from its predecessor, the Diamond DA40. After two and a half years of development, the presentation of the Twin Star followed. This is equipped for instrument flights and can alternatively be supplied with de-icing fluid. As a result, this model can also be described as all-weather suitable. Furthermore, the Twin Star has a high aerodynamic capability and is powered by two Centurion 1.7 diesel engines. Newer versions have installed the Centurion 2.0 instead of the Centurion 1.7. The machine is made of carbon composite and comes with a glass cockpit G1000 from Garmin. Other variants are the DA42 M, which is used especially for surveillance purposes. The DA42 L360 has been specially designed for the US aviation training market. The DA42 MPP is intended as a sensor carrier and can be used for instrument flight conditions. In operating mode, the version can stay in the air for up to 12.5 hours without refueling. The Twin Star is used by the Royal Thai Air Force and the Jamaica Defense Force Air Wing for pilot training.

Technical data for the Twin Star

One crew member and up to three passengers can be accommodated in the Twin Star. It is 8.56 meters long and 2.49 meters high. At a span of 13.42 meters, the wing area is 16.29 square meters. The machine has a emtpy weight of 1,080 kilograms and the maximum take-off mass amounts to 1,785 kilograms. The Twin Star reaches a top speed of 356 kilometers per hour, with the cruising speed of 287 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is 5,486 meters and the range is 1,912 kilometers.

Products and services for the Twin Star

We are happy to perform maintenance or servicing on your Twin Star. We also do annual inspections or avionics reviews. For all services, we make every effort to ensure that the laws and regulations of EASA are complied with. We are happy to respond to special requests and customize your machine according to your expectations. Just contact us.

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