Cessna 401/402 Series

General information about the Cessna 401 and the Cessna 402

The Cessna 401 and 402 are mostly identical, twin-engine propeller aircraft. The machines were designed and marketed by the American manufacturer Cessna. The Cessna 401 was built until mid-1972 and served as a business jet. Until 1985, the Cessna 402 was built. This served mainly as a feeder and cargo aircraft. In late 1971, both models were united. The Cessna 401 is a lower cost, lighter and less motorized version of the Cessna 411. By eliminating reduction gears in the engines, maintenance costs have been minimized. The first flight of the Cessna 401/402 took place on 16 August 1965. A year later, on 20 September 1966, the market entry followed. The machine has four small, oval windows. In early December 1971, the Cessna 401 was replaced by the successor model, the 402th This one has a longer nose and more windows. 1985 ended production. By the time a total of 1,936 pieces were produced.

The models are used on small routes as civil feeder between smaller cities and air hubs. Furthermore, this model is also used militarily. Military users include:

  -  Finland
  -  Sweden
  -  South Africa
  -  Haiti
  -  Paraguay

Technical data for the Cessna 401/402

The span of the Cessna 401/402 is 13.45 meters. The machine is 11.90 meters long and 3.49 meters high. The wing area covers 21.0 square meters. The machine has a empty weight of 1,845 kilograms and a maximum take-off weight of 3,107 kilograms. The cockpit can accommodate a maximum of two crew and up to nine passengers can be carried in the aircraft. The top speed is 428 kilometers per hour and the maximal service ceiling amounts to 8,200 meters. The maximum range is 2,360 kilometers.

Products and services for the Cessna 401/401

Products and services not only upgrade your machine but also increase its individuality. For the entire Cessna 400 series, we offer various upgrades. One is the RAM upgrade. We also like to integrate the Leica Camera System into your machine. Allows you to take extraordinary pictures and create memories or share experiences on your flight. With us you get the entire service range from a single source. We are happy to wait for your machine or make repairs. We also carry out the complete maintenance of your aircraft. Of course we also go for special requests. Please contact us for this.

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