Cessna 400

General information about the Corvalis

The Cessna 400 series is a single-engined low-wing aircraft of the US manufacturer Columbia Aircraft Corporation. The aircraft had its maiden flight in June 2000. In the same year it was approved by the FAA. The machine was developed from the Cessna 350, which has a weaker naturally aspirated engine installed. This was also sold under the name Cessna 400 before it became known in January 2009 the name Cessna Corvalis TT. The current names are Cessna Corvalis and Cessna Corvalis TT, here the TT stands for twin turbocharged. The Cessna 400 has an aerodynamically advanced composite cell. Today, the machine is equipped with a Garmin G2000 glass cockpit and two 14-inch displays. This makes the Corvalis the first piston engine aircraft without analogue instruments.

Technical data for the Corvalis

The Corvalis has room for one pilot and up to three passengers. It is 7.72 meters long and 2.74 meters high. The span is 11.00 meters with a wing area of 13.10 square meters. The cabin is 1.24 meters high, 1.24 meters wide and 3.54 meters long. The empty weight of the machine is 1,034 kilograms and the maximum takeoff weight is 1,636 kilograms. The Corvalis has a cruising speed of 315 kilometers per hour and a top speed of 435 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling touches at 7,600 meters and machine has a range of 2,038 kilometers. The aircraft is powered by a Continental TSIO-550-C boxer engine with 231 kilowatts of power.

Products and services for the Corvalis

For the Corvalis we offer the Leica Camera System. This makes high-resolution images during your flight and thus creates a memory on the paper. We also like to install the RAM upgrade in your machine.
Of course, we also have a variety of services for you on offer. All services are available from one source. We are happy to wait for your machine or carry out a maintenance. Of course, we also do annual inspections or avionics checks. Furthermore, we also respond to special requests, just contact us.
For any changes or reviews, we will take great care to ensure that the current regulations and laws of EASA are complied with.

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