Cessna 188

General information about the Cessna 188

The single-engine agricultural aircraft was designed and produced by the American company Cessna. The machine had its maiden flight on 19 February 1965. The production period is from 1966 to 1983. During this time, a total of 3,967 copies of the Cessna 188 were built. The model is specifically used in agriculture and uses for the application of fertilizers or pesticides. The machine benefits from different variants. The model 188-230 AGPickup was first delivered in 1966 and has a 170 kilowatt engines, as well as a tank with 750 liter capacity. There were built until 1976 53 copies. Another variation is the A188-300 AGwagon, which has a 250 kilowatt engine installed. From this, 1,589 pieces were manufactured until 1981. In 1972 the A188B-300 AGtruck was presented. This has a 1000 liter sink and a three-blade phaser propeller. The final version of the Cessna 188 is the T188C AGhusky, which had its market entry in 1979. It has an elongated hull and a 230 kilowatt engine. In 1983, the entire production was stopped. However, due to its robust construction, it is still used in many countries today.

Technical information about the Cessna 188

The following technical data refer to the variant A188-300 AGwagon. This can accommodate a pilot. Passengers are not provided in the model due to its use. The machine is 8.00 meters long and has a wingspan of 12.41 meters. The 2.44-meter-high machine has a wing area of 18.77 square meters, and a take-off mass of 1.496 kilograms. Empty weighs the Cessna 188 without a sprayer 906 kilograms. With sprayer this increases to 987 kilograms. At sea level, the model can fly 243 kilometers per hour quickly. The maximal service ceiling is 4,758 meters. The tank range is 595 kilometers, with a 45-minute reserve tank added. If this is claimed, however, the performance is minimized to 45 percent.

Products and services for the Cessna 188

We are happy to integrate the TSK Anti Ice Panels into your Cessna 188. We also offer the paint job for the exterior, which not only visually changes your aircraft, but also protects it from corrosion. In the field of avionics, we like to install the cockpit upgrade, as well as the new 8.33kHz upgrade for your radio. We are also happy to offer you services such as maintenance or avionics inspections. We also respond to special requests. Feel free to contact us!

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