Cessna 170 Series - Light Aircraft

General information about the Cessna 170

The Cessna 170 is a light aircraft of the US company Cessna. Both the first flight and the market entry took place in 1948. The production time is from 1948 to 1956. During this time, 5,174 pieces of this model were built. With the Cessna 170, the existing model range was further expanded. The machine is a larger version of the Cessna 140 and has also stripped wings, as well as a rigid tail wheel gear. The range includes the Cessna 170, the Cessna 170A, the Cessna 170B and the Cessna 170C. The basic version, the Cessna 170, has fabric-covered wings as well as double, V-shaped wing struts. In addition, three tanks are installed in order to achieve a higher range with a more powerful engine. End of 1948, the Cessna 170A was introduced. This is made entirely of metal and the wings have a wing support. Furthermore, the larger flaps can be extended from zero to 50 degrees. The most common example is the Cessna 170B. The machine was introduced in 1952 and produced until 1956. Innovations include the large half-Fover flaps that are very similar to those of the L-19. The Cessna 170C benefits from a vertical vertical stabilizer and a powerful 155 hp engine. From this model, the Cessna 172 was developed.

Technical data for the Cessna 170

The machine can accommodate one pilot and a maximum of three passengers. It is 7.61 meters long and has a span of 10.90 meters. The aircraft is 2.01 meters high and has a wing area of 16.20 square meters. The Cessna 170 can reach a top speed of up to 225 kilometers per hour. The range is 950 kilometers and the empty weight is 554 kilograms, with the maximum take-off weight is 998 kilograms. The maximal service ceiling is at 4,572 meters. The Cessna 170 is powered by a 145 hp Continental C-145-2 engine, or by a Continental O-300-A engine built into the Cessna 170B.

Products and services for the Cessna 170

In the area of the Exterior we offer the installation or assembly of the TKS Anti Ice Panels. These allow you to fly even in clouds, or bad weather, without the risk of icing the wing surfaces. We also do the paint job, which gives your plane a new look and extra protection. In the field of avionics, we offer the cockpit upgrade, as well as the new 8.33 kHz radio upgrade. Of course, we also service your Cessna 170 or perform avionics reviews, as well as annual inspections. We also repair damages or respond to special requests. With us you get the entire service range from one source. Our experts are themselves pilots and know the material well.

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