Socata TBM 850

General information on the Socata TBM 850

The Socata TBM 850 is a single-engine business jet powered by a shaft turbine. The machine was designed in France by the same manufacturer Socata. The Socata TBM 850 is a further development of its predecessor, the TBM 700. The first flight took place on 25 February 2005. Between 2006 and 2014, a total of 222 copies of this model were sold. In 2014, the production was discontinued after the presentation of the successor. Already in 2004, the Socata TBM 850 was announced in response to customer requests. The machine benefits from optimized flight performance. On January 23, 2006, the first time a series machine started up. On 19 September 2007, the 800th TBM turboprop engine was delivered. Special features are above all in the avionics equipment of the Socata TBM 850. This consists among other things of a Garmin GMX 200 multi-function display (MFD).

Technical data for the Socata TBM 850

The Socata TBM 850 can accommodate one crew member and up to five passengers. The machine is 10.65 meters long and has a height of 4.36 meters. The span is 12.68 meters. The tank is 1,110 liters and has a range of 2,815 kilometers. The empty weight is 2,081 kilograms and the maximum take-off mass affects 3,370 kilograms. The Socata TBM 850 has an economic cruising speed of 466 kilometers per hour and a maximum speed of 592 kilometers per hour. The maximal serivce ceiling amounts to 9,449 meters. The machine has a pressurized cabin, as well as a retractable landing gear.

Products and services for the Socata TBM 850

For the TBM series we offer a number of upgrades. We are happy to equip the avionics with the new 8.33 kHz upgrade. In addition, we are integrating the ADSB Upgrade and the Cockpit Upgrade into your machine. To further protect your machine, we carry out the paint job. This can not only give the aircraft a new look, but also protect against corrosion. We also equip the interior of your Socata TBM 850 with the Floor Heating or Personalized Entry Sills. We also carry out maintenance or repairs. We are also happy to special requests, please contact us.

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