Piper PA-31 Navajo

General information about the Navajo

The Piper PA-31 is also known as Navajo among aircraft lovers. The machine was designed and manufactured by the American company Piper Aircraft Corporation. The twin-engine aircraft is used as a business and feeder aircraft and had its maiden flight on September 30, 1964. The market entry followed on April 17, 1967. From there on, until 1990, a total of 2,044 pieces were built. Construction of the Navajo started as demand for a small and light feeder aircraft rose sharply. Initially, the model sold very successfully, but broke this boom in the 1980s, after which production was discontinued. However, there are several versions of the Navajo. The PA-31-300 is the standard version. This has six seats, which are arranged in pairs. In addition, it has a cloakroom and a separate luggage compartment, which is located in the rear of the machine. The PA-31-350 has a longer cab and more powerful engine. In addition, the PA-31 T, which has a turboprop drive and a pressurized cabin.

Specifications for the Navajo

The following data refers to the version Piper PA-31-310, which is also called straight Navajo or mini-liner. The span of the machine is 12.40 meters and the length is 9.95 meters. The height is 3.96 meters and the payload is 1,246 kilograms. The Navajo weighs 1,709 kilos empty and the maximum star weight is 2,900 kilograms. It can accommodate one to a maximum of two people in the cockpit. The cabin also accommodates up to six passengers. However, this value differs by version. The top speed is 348 kilometers per hour and the maximal service ceiling is 7,300 meters. The Navajo has a range of 1,898 kilometers and is powered by two Lycoming TIO-540-A2B or A2C engines. These each have 230 kilowatts of power.

Products and services for the Navajo

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