Piper PA-28 Cherokee

General information about the Cherokee

The Piper PA-28 series is commonly referred to as the Cherokee. The machine was designed in the United States and marketed by the company Piper Aircraft Corporation. The first flight had the aircraft on 14 January 1960. The market entry followed in March 1961. The model has been in mass production since 1961 and to date, more than 37,200 pieces were built by her. The single-engine light aircraft is preferably used as a training and cruising aircraft. Nevertheless, it is also used by air taxi companies. The Cherokee is one of the most popular models of the manufacturer and also belongs to one of the most built models worldwide. The aircraft is a self-supporting low-wing aircraft and was built in a full aluminum construction. Competition models are mainly the Cessna 172 and the Cirrus SR22. With the construction of the Cherokee a replacement for the outdated versions PA-22 and PA-24 should arise. In the construction of the machine much emphasis was placed on cost-effective manufacturing and material costs. Furthermore, the flight characteristics are described as good natured to make the model appealing to schools. Due to the different versions of the Cherokee, also the flight performances differ. This is tied to the respective engine, which ranges from 140 hp to 235 hp. Versions include the Piper PA-28-140, which was specially developed as a training aircraft. Furthermore, the Piper PA-28-150, which offers a four-seat variant. From this model have emerged even more.

Specifications for the Cherokee

The following data refers to the Piper PA-28-161, also referred to as Warrior III. The machine can accommodate one pilot and up to three passengers. The length is 7.30 meters and the height is 2.20 meters. The span is 10.70 meters and the wing area is 15.79 square meters. The Cherokee has a payload of 411 kg and weighs 701 kg empty. The maximum takeoff weight therefore amounts to 1,107 kilograms. The maximum landing weight is equal to the maximum takeoff weight. The machine is moving at a cruising speed of 213 kilometers per hour. The top speed is 217 kilometers per hour and the maximal service ceiling is 3,353 meters. The aircraft has a range of 950 kilometers and is powered by a 160 hp Avco Lycoming O-320-D3G engine.

Products and services for the Cherokee

For the Cherokee, we not only offer a variety of services. Of course, we are happy to wait for your machine, or carry out a maintenance. Nevertheless, we can perfectly understand the desire for one's own handwriting. That's why we like to add the new radio upgrade, the 8.33 kHz upgrade, to your machine. We also offer the cockpit upgrade and paint job for the Piper PA-28. This not only gives your machine a completely new look, but also protects it from corrosion. We also do weighings, test flights, or avionics checks. We are happy to respond to your individual needs, just contact us!

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