Glasair 2 Series

General information about the Glasair 2 series

The Glasair 2 is an American amateur aircraft of the company Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft and Glasair Aviation. The first flight was completed in 1989 and until 2012, the model was built. Later it was made as a kit for amateur construction. Unlike the predecessor, the Glasair 2 has a closed cockpit and cantilever low-wing aircraft. In addition, the aircraft benefits from built-in gullwing doors and a fixed or retractable tricycle landing gear. The manufacturer himself says that the development of the machine took about 3,000 hours. The Glasair 2 is the precursor model for the Glasair 3. However, there are also other variants of the model.

Technical data for the Glasair 2 series

It can accommodate two people in the plane. However, this number already includes the pilot. The Glasair 2 is 6.30 meters long and has a wingspan of 7.10 meters. The wing area is 7.55 square meters. The aircraft has a empty weight of 635 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight of 953 kilograms. It is powered by a Lycoming O-360 air-cooled engine. This has 130 kilowatts of power. The cruising speed is 356 kilometers per hour.

Products and services for the Glasair 2 series

Of course, maintenance and service is part of our daily business. Nevertheless, we also offer many other services for you. For example, we carry out weighings, carry out test flights, do hourly checks, or control Glasair's avionics. Our employees are also avid pilots and experts in the aviation industry. We are happy to respond to individual requests, or carry out repairs. Talk to us, we are always there for you!

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