Diamond DA62 Series

General information about the Diamond DA62

The Diamond DA62 is a light aircraft of the Austrian manufacturer Diamond Aircraft. The former name of the machine was DA52. The plane is the second, which has more than one engine. The first flight took place on 3 April 2012. The Diamond DA62 has taken the backbone of the hull of the DA50. The wings are the same as the DA42. After the manufacturer, the machine was developed in just six months. The machine was approved in Europe at the end of 2015. In 2016, the model got approval in the United States.

Technical data for the Diamond DA62

The Diamond DA62 Series can accommodate one pilot and up to six passengers. The machine has a length of 9.19 meters. The height is 2.82 meters and the span is 14.70 meters. 17.10 square meters covers the wing area of the machine. The empty weight is 1,517 kilograms. In Europe, the maximum takeoff weight is 1,999 kilograms. Outside of Europe, this value increases to 2,300 kilograms. At 325 kilometers per hour is the cruising speed of the Diamond DA62. The top speed increases by 47 kilometers per hour to 372 kilometers per hour. The tank range is 2,380 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is at 6,096 meters. The aircraft is powered by two Austro Engine AE300 diesel engines, each with 134 kilowatts of power. The tank can be filled with Jet A-1 instead of diesel.

Products and services for the Diamond DA62

Maintenance is part of our daily business. We are happy to perform this service on your Diamond DA62. We also offer hourly checks, avionics checks, weighings, or test flights. We are also happy to respond to individual requests. Simply contact us. For all bushings, we make sure that your machine complies with the latest laws and regulations of EASA, according to the motto: Fly Legal!

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