Cessna 404 - Titan

General information about the Cessna 404

The Cessna 404 is commonly referred to as titanium. It is considered a passenger, commercial and cargo aircraft and was designed by the American company Cessna Aircraft Company. On February 26, 1975, the first flight of the machine took place. Only one year later, the market entry of the American aviation authority followed. In just six years, from 1976 to 1982, a total of 378 pieces of the Cessna 404 were built. The result is the model from the Cessna 402B. However, the Cessna 404 is stretched by 91 centimeters and also has a new horizontal stabilizer with positive V-position. The machine is powered by two turbocharged GTSIO-520-M engines. Furthermore, the model is also used militarily. These user countries include the United States, Mexico, Bolivia and Hong Kong.

Technical data for the Cessna 404

The Cessna 404 is 12.05 meters long and 4.04 meters high. It can accommodate up to ten passengers and one or two crew members. The wingspan is 14.12 meters and the wing area is 22.58 square meters. The Cessna 404 benefits from a payload of 1,623 kilograms, with the machine's empty weight of 2,179 kilograms. This results in a maximum takeoff weight of 3,802 kilograms. The plane flies at a cruising speed of 370 kilometers per hour. The top speed is 402 kilometers per hour. The tanks have a range of 2,962 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is at 7,925 meters.

Products and services for the Cessna 404

We will integrate the Leica Camera System into your Cessna 404. This shoots high-resolution pictures of your flight experience. Thus, you not only create a snapshot, but also a memory for eternity. We will also install the RAM upgrade in your machine. Of course, we will wait for your Cessna 404 or carry out repairs if necessary. Of course we also make special requests possible. We are happy to hear from them!

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