Cessna 175 Series

General information about Skylark

The Cessna 175 is commonly referred to as the Skylark. It is a single engine cruiser and was designed by the US company Cessna. The machine is an evolution of the Cessna 172. The first flight took place in 1958, followed in the same year, the market entry. Between 1958 and 1962 2,106 copies were made. The aircraft has a steerable nose wheel and a tricycle arrangement. It is also made of metal and has an aluminum alloy. The Skylark includes several models. The Cessna 175A has a different engine and can be used as a seaplane. The Cessna 175C has a higher cruising speed.

Technical data about the Skylark

The Skylark is 8.08 meters long and 2.72 meters high. It has a wingspan of 10.97 meters and is a wing area of 16.1 square meters. The machine drives for one pilot and up to three days. They are powered by a Continental GO-300-A piston engine that delivers 131 kilowatts of power. This motorization is also the biggest difference to the Cessna 172, which are usually driven by a direct motor. The maximum cruising speed is 226 kilometers per hour and the top speed is 283 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling touches at 5,425 meters and the range covers 926 kilometers. The Skylark has an empty weight of 629 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight of 1,066 kilograms.

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