Beechcraft Baron

General information about the Baron

The Baron is a private and business aircraft manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft. The machine was designed in the United States. The twin-engined aircraft is technically derived from its predecessor, the bonanza. There are two variants of the Beechcraft Baron. On the one hand the Baron 55 with a short hull and on the other the Baron 58 with a long hull. Currently, only the Beechcraft Baron 58 is in production. The first flight had the Baron G58 on 29.02.1960, after which the market entry in the following year 1961 followed. The 55 Series Baron was used by the US Army and Turkish forces. Also in Germany the machine was used. Here, the Lufthansa company used the model for the apprenticeship program for young pilots. The baron also plays a role in literature. In the novel Der Bruchpilot by Mark Childress, the protagonist crashes with a baron.

Specifications of the Baron

The baron is designed next to the pilot for five passengers. It has a wingspan of 11.53 meters and a height of 2.97 meters. The Baron 55 Series is 8.53 meters long, while the Baron 58 is 9.09 meters long. The empty weight is 1,468 kilograms and the maximum takeoff weight is 2,495 kilograms. The baron can reach a top speed of 374 kilometers per hour. With four passengers, the aircraft has a range of 1,919 kilometers. The maximum climb rate is 516 meters per minute and the maximal service ceiling is 6,306 meters.

Products and Services for the Baron

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