The Aircraft Upgrade Company.

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The Aircraft Upgrade Company. Since 1965.

Flying is a passion... and one we like to satisfy.

Our desire to fly stems not only from wishing to experience limitless freedom, but also the basic need of getting from A to B. While transport by roads, motorways, rail and commercial airlines is becomes increasingly less viable, because travellers are faced with traffic jams, disruptions, delays, connection waits, security checks and even strikes, general and business aviation is fast becoming the transport alternative of the future.

At Porta Air Service we stand by this vision. And have done so since 1965. We offer all-round services for all types of aircraft up to 5.7 metric tons with the know-how of experienced pilots and technicians. Repairs, redesigns, technical upgrades, inspections, maintenance programmes, as well as support for when you buy a used aircraft, are all part of our everyday work. Services performed as they should always be… without fuss or quibble.

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One Stop Shop

Porta Air Service is a totally inclusive one stop shop. This means we are able — and qualified — to undertake all types of work on your aircraft. You only need to land beside our workshop, because we will do everything you need there — which includes any inspections and approvals required.

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All about Porta Air Service

Not only do we possess all sorts of experience and expertise at porta air service, we also have a clear set of visions. One is a vision of where aviation will be in the future – and how we can actively shape this future.

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