Socata TBM 700

General information about the Socata TBM 700

The Socata TBM 700 is part of a series of aircraft from the French company Socata. The machine has a turboprop drive and is considered a business jet. The first flight took place on July 14, 1988 and the market entry followed two years later, in January 1990. From 1990 to 2006, more than 125 copies of the Socata TBM 700 were produced. These are divided into 100 pieces of the basic model, the Socata TBM 700, and the subsequent models, TBM700a, TBM 700b, TBM700c and TBM700c2. With the advancement of the aircraft were steadily more luxurious, but also heavier. In the development of this model was set to cooperation. Socata and the American manufacturer Mooney brought the machine on the market, with Mooney pulled out later in the program again. The aircraft consists mainly of conventional materials along with a part of fiber composites. On the left wing a weather radar can be found. This allows the pilot to monitor the current weather situation. Furthermore, there are two exhaust pipes left and right behind the propeller. Militarily, this model is used by the French Air Force, the French Army and the Gendarmerie National.

Technical data for the Socata TBM 700

The technical data for the Socata TBM 700 are as follows: The machine is 10.64 meters long and 4.35 meters high. It offers space for a pilot, with the option of installing a co-pilot's seat. Up to five passengers can be carried. The span is 12.68 meters and the wing area is 18.0 square meters. Empty, the Socata TBM 700 has a weight of 1,860 kg. The maximum takeoff weight increases to 2,984 kilograms and the cruising speed has a maximum range of 555 kilometers per hour. Optimal, however, is a speed of 450 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is 9449 meters. The Socata TBM 700 is powered by a 520 kilowatt Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-64 engine.

Products and services for the Socata TBM 700

We are happy to carry out a maintenance on your machine. We also repair your Socata TBM 700. Of course, we also respond to special requests. Talk to us. For all changes, as well as checks, we make sure that the laws and regulations of EASA are complied with. True to our motto: Fly Legal!

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