Piper PA-46 Series

General information about the Piper PA-46 Series

The Piper PA-46 Series is a range of single-engine business aircraft of the American manufacturer Piper Aircraft Corporation. The first flight was made on November 30, 1979. The market entry followed in 1983. There were 500 copies of the series built. The machines are built as low-wing aircraft in metal construction. They have a retractable landing gear and a pressurized cabin. In addition, different variants were produced. On the one hand the Malibu called Piper PA-46-300T. This is the prototype without a pressurized cabin. The Malibu, called the Piper PA-46-310P, is the first production model to feature a two-bladed hard-cell propeller. The PA-46-350P bears the name Malibu Mirage and is an improved version with a different drive, as well as a three-blade hard cell propeller. In addition, the machine has changed electronics and a new interior. The first flight was in 1998. The Malibu Meridian, the Piper PA-46-500TP, is a further improved version with turboprop drive and four-bladed Hartzell propeller. The plane had its maiden flight on August 21, 1998. The Piper PA-46-R350-T, the Matrix, is the latest and most affordable aircraft in the family. This received the approval in October 2007 and is equipped with a glass cockpit. The latest model is the M600, Piper PA-46-600TP, which is a larger version of the Malibu Meridian with a new wing design.

Technical data for the Piper PA-46 Series

First, the technical data for the Piper PA-46-500TP, the Malibu, shown. The machine can carry one pilot and up to five passengers. In addition, the Malibu is 8.66 meters long and 3.44 meters high. The span is at 13.11 meters. The empty weight is 1,066 kilograms. The maximum take-off mass increases to 1,860 kilograms. The cruising speed of the Malibu is 398 kilometers per hour. The top speed is 434 kilometers per hour. The tank has a range of 2,880 kilometers. The Malibu is powered by a Continental TSIO-520 BE / SER engine with 230 kilowatts of power.

The Malibu Mirage, the Piper PA-46-350P, is also designed for one pilot and five passengers. The aircraft has a length of 8.72 meters and is 3.51 meters high. The span of the machine is 13.11 meters. Empty, the plane has a weight of 1,397 kilograms. For the maximum take-off mass, the value increases to 1,950 kilograms. The cruising speed is 395 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed is 430 kilometers per hour. The Malibu Mirage needs a take-off course of 726 meters. The required landing roll route is shortened to 595 meters. The aircraft has a range of 2,491 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling touches at 7,750 meters. We drove the Malibu Mirage from a Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A six-cylinder with 257 kilowatts of power.

The Malibu Meridian named Piper PA-46-500TP is 9.02 meters long and can also carry a pilot. Likewise, up to five passengers can be accommodated in the machine. The span is 13.11 meters and the height is 3.44 meters. The Malibu Meridian has an empty weight of 1,549 kilograms, as well as a maximum takeoff weight of 2,310 kilograms. The cruising speed is at 485 kilometers per hour. To take off, the aircraft needs a 743 meter taxiway and a distance of 643 meters to land. The range is 1,953 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is 9,144 meters. The Malibu Meridian is powered by a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A turboprop with 373 kilowatts of power.

Products and Services for the Piper PA-46 Series

For the Piper PA-46 series we offer a variety of products for you. We are happy to install the floor heating in your interior. This will give you a pleasant warmth in the interior. We also offer the Personalized entry sills, as well as the cockpit upgrade. To give your Piper PA-46 series a new look, we carry out the paint job on your machine. This not only visually changes your machine, but also protects it. For avionics we recommend the new 8.33 kHz radio upgrade. In addition, we are happy to perform services on your aircraft. Among other things, our services include maintenance, as well as maintenance, test flights, avionics inspections, or repairs. We also gladly respond to your individual wishes. Furthermore, during all work we make sure that your machine complies with the current regulations and laws of EASA. True to our motto: Fly Legal!

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