Piper PA-18

General information about the Super Cub

The Piper PA-18 is commonly referred to as the Super Cub. She comes from the United States of America and is considered a light aircraft. Manufacturer of the machine is the company Piper Aircraft Corporation. The first flight had the Super Cub on 23 November 1949. In the same year followed by the market entry by the FAA. From 1949 to 1983 and from 1988 to 1994, a total of 10,326 pieces of the model PA-18 were produced. The machine is used as a school and reconnaissance aircraft. It is the successor of the Piper J-3 and was originally developed for a call of the US Army as a Piper PA-19. This had its first flight in late January 1949. Of the Piper PA-19 three pieces were built before it was renamed for serial production in PA-18. Both machines have an identical construction. Overall, the Piper Cub models include over 40,000 aircraft. This means that they are the most widely produced aircraft in their class worldwide. The wings of the Super Cub consist of aluminum profiles. The hull was strengthened compared to the predecessor model and thereby adapted to higher loads. The machine was equipped with different engines. Models with over 125 hp have flaps and a reinforced tail. The earliest version of the PA-18 did not have its own power supply. The model was also used militarily. The US Army used the designation L-18 and L-21 for the Super Cub. These differed in that the L-21 had long flaps and the engines differed. In the later course, however, hybrid forms also emerged. Other military users include: - Germany - Belgium - Italy - Iran - Austria - Sweden

Technical data for the Super Cub

The Super Cub provides space for a pilot and a passenger. The machine is driven by a piston engine of the type Continental C-90-12F with 71 kilograms of power. The aircraft is 6.83 meters long and 2.02 meters high. It has a span of 10.73 meters, resulting in a wing area of 16.6 square meters. Empty, the Super Cub has a weight of 367 kilograms and the maximum start weight is 680 kilograms. The machine has a speed of 180 kilometers per hour, which may vary depending on the engine. The maximal service ceiling is at 4,801 meters and the tank has a range of 580 kilometers.

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