Maule M-4 Series

General information about the Maule M-4 series

The Maule M-4 series comes from the US manufacturer Maule Aircraft. The model had its first flight in 1960, a year later, the commissioning should follow. Between 1963 and 1983 474 copies of the aircraft were built. With the Maule M-4 also the company of Belford Maule was founded. The machine is made of steel and tube aircraft, which was expanded as a high-wing aircraft. It has a developed tailplane with a fin and rudder. It also benefits from a fixed tail wheel chassis and a closed cab. There are also some variants of this model. For example, the Rocket, which is powered by 157 kilowatts of powerful engine.

Technical data for the Maule M-4 series

The following data refers to the M-4-220C Strata Rocket. In addition to the pilot, up to three passengers can still be accommodated in the aircraft. It is 6.71 meters long and has a span of 9.07 meters. The empty weight amounts to 581 kilograms, whereby the gross weight can comprise maximally 1,043 kilograms. The Maule M-4 is powered by a Franklin 6A-350 engines with 164 kilowatts of power. The top speed touches at 288 kilometers per hour and the range is 1,094 kilometers. The maximal service ceiling is at 4,725 meters.

Products and services for the Maule M-4 series

With your own machine, finding a suitable service provider for services is not easy. But for us the best is just good enough. Our experts are also pilots and have an excellent background in aviation. That's why we like to wait for your Maule M-4, or do a maintenance. Our other services include weighings, test flights, hourly checks and many other services. Also repairs, or special requests are gladly implemented by us.

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