Beechcraft 33 / 35 / 36 series – Bonanza

General information about Bonanza

The Beechcraft Bonanza has a long history. The machine has been used as a business jet for more than 70 years. Thus, this model is the aircraft with the longest series production. With more than 17,000 pieces (as of the end of 2007), it is also one of the most-built aircraft. The Bonanza was manufactured by the American company Beech Aircraft Corporation. It is considered a light aircraft and had its maiden flight on 22 December 1945. The FAA type approval was granted on 25 March 1947. After models 17 and 18, Beech Aircraft Corporation introduced the Model 35 and was a great success right from the beginning. Even before the official sale, there were about 500 pre-orders. The latest version is the Bonanza G36 (as of 2017). From 1947 to 1982, the bonanza of the model 35 was produced. In the period from 1968 to 1973, the Bonanza 33 series was built and from 1968 to today, the bonanza of the model 36 is built. In the development, the primary idea was to build a machine that could carry up to four people with luggage and provide comfort similar to a road trip.

The Model 35 was the first to go into mass production. It produced 1,500 pieces, which is more than any other variant. In 1949, the further development, the model A35 was presented. From this approximately 701 copies were produced. From the 1950 presented version B35 480 machines were produced. She had a change in the interior and had a different engine installed. The evolution of the Bonanza 35 increased up to the model V35B. However, the development did not stop with the machine, but no name changes were made. On February 17, 1977, the manufacturer built the 10,000th machine. The model 33 was designed from the competitive pressure against Cessna and Piper. There are only a few changes compared to the 35 series. Apart from the conventionally filed tail unit, it was identical to its predecessor. By the end of 1966, 1,195 pieces of the 33 series were built. This series is sold not only under the name Bonanza, but also as a Debonair. Also from this model other variants were produced. The current model 36 is the only thing that is still made by the Bonanza. This has a built-in Garmin G1000 glass cockpit installed after some changes. It shows the pilot clearly and quickly all the information needed on two screens. The bonanza was also a model for further developments. For example, the company took the machine for the baron as an ideal.

Technical data for the bonanza

The following specifications refer to the Bonanza of the Model 36. This can accommodate up to two crew members and four passengers. It has a length of 8.38 meters and a height of 2.62 meters. The span is 10.21 meters with a wing area of 16.80 square meters. The bonanza can reach a top speed of 325 kilometers per hour with a cruising speed of 305 kilometers per hour. The absolute maximum range is 1,700 kilometers. The standard range, however, is 850 kilometers, based on a pilot and four passengers. The climb rate is 375 meters per minute and the maximal service ceiling touches on 5,630 meters.

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