Diamond DA20

General information about the Diamond DA20 Katana

The Diamond DA20 Katana is a light aircraft owned by Diamond Aircraft. The machine is manufactured in Austria or Canada. The machine is a further development of the touring motor glider HK36 and therefore benefits from excellent aerodynamic properties. It also differs from its predecessor by a smaller span, as well as missing brake flaps. A variant of the Diamond DA20 Katana is the DV20 Katana. These do not differ from each other technically. The DA20 Katana was developed solely from the previously produced DV20, which has been produced in Vienna since 1993. In 1994, the DA20 Katana came on the aircraft market. Primarily the machine is made of fiber reinforced plastic. In Germany, the DA20-A1, which is equipped with a Rotaxmotoren used. This engine has the advantage that it can be operated with MoGas and AvGas. The successor aircraft is the Diamond DA40.

Technical information about the Diamond DA20 Katana

There is room for two people in the machine. It has a length of 7.16 meters and a height of 2.10 meters. The wingspan is 10.78 meters and the wing area is 11.60 square meters. The machine has a empty weight of 529 kilograms, with the maximum straw mass amounts to 750 kilograms. The cruising speed of the Diamond DA20 is 216 kilometers per hour and the top speed touches at 291 kilometers per hour. It has a range of 1,013 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is 3,999 meters.

Products and services for the Diamond DA20 Katana

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