Cessna Citation

General information about the Cessna Citation

The Cessna Citation is a family of aircraft of the US company Cessna. The machines of the series are twin-engine and are generally considered business jets. In addition to the laser-jet series, the Cessna Citation is regarded as the most successful aircraft series. In 1968, a dummy under the name FanJet500 was initially introduced. In 1969 the first flight took place. The name Citation derives from a renowned racehorse. The company wanted to design a jet that is not only light and safe, but also has low operating costs. In addition, a jet engine was to be designed which could compete with small propeller engines. Sense behind it was also to be able to approach smaller airports. The Cessna Citation has a retractable nose wheel landing gear, a pressurized cabin, and unswept wings. The FanJet500 has side-mounted thrusters and an engine jet mounted above the tail fin. The first flight took place on September 15, 1969. In 1971, the commissioning by the FAA followed. One year later, the delivery began. By 1985, 377 pieces of the Cessna Citation were produced. In 1976, the Cessna Citation I was presented. It is characterized by a higher take-off weight and a longer range. In addition, the engines were changed and in 1977 came the Cessna Citation I, the model 501, on the aircraft market. This was allowed to be flown for the first time by only one pilot. Approximately 312 copies of the Cessna Citation I were made. In 1985 the production was stopped. The successor model is the Cessna Citation II presented. The model 550 had its maiden flight on 31.01.1977, followed in April 1978, the commissioning. By 1994, 604 copies of this model were produced.

Technical data for the Cessna Citation

The following data refer to the Cessna Citation, Model 500. The machine can carry up to six passengers. In addition, the cockpit can accommodate up to two people. The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-1 turbofan engines, each delivering 9.8 kilonewtons of power. The Cessna Citation reaches a speed of 665 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is at 12,497 meters. The machine has a range of 2,459 kilometers. The empty weight is 2,400 kilograms and the maximum take-off mass affects around 4,310 kilograms. The aircraft has a height of 4.00 meters and a length of 13.10 meters. The span covers 13.40 meters and the wing area is at 25.90 square meters.

Products and services for the Cessna Citation

For the Cessna Citation series, we offer the Cavity Oven in the Interior area. We are happy to integrate this into your machine. In addition, we carry out maintenance and annual inspections. All services, from A as avionics checks to W as maintenance, you get from one source. We make every effort to ensure that EASA regulations and laws are adhered to, in line with our motto: Fly Legal!

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