Cessna 525

General information about the Citation Jet

The Cessna 525 is a business jet, colloquially known as the Citation Jet. The machine was designed and marketed by the US company Cessna. The maiden flight took place on April 29, 1991 and the market entry took place on March 30, 1993. The model is the basis for the more modern variants Citation CJ1 +, CJ2 +, CJ3, CJ4. Originally this was planned as a replacement for the Citation and Citation I. However, a wing with laminar profile and a T-tail was installed. In addition, the Citation Jet benefits from an EFIS cockpit. Then followed the CJ1. This was introduced in 1998 and differs mainly by the electronics. The CJ2 was first delivered in 2000. The model has more seats and is longer than its predecessor. The latest version is the CJ4, which had its maiden flight in 2008.

The flight control of the Citation Jet differs in primary and secondary control surfaces. The primary control surfaces include the aileron, elevator and rudder. The secondary control surface includes flaps and airbrakes on the upper side of the wings, which are hydraulically controlled. Furthermore, deicing systems are installed. As a result, the Cessna 525 is also approved for instrument flights due to icing conditions. There are even three different protection systems used. These consist of engine inlets, wing leading edges and windscreens. Due to the short range of the machine, the Citation Jet is used by companies for short-haul flights within Germany. The Cessna 525A is 1.55 meters longer than the Cessna 525.

Technical data for the Citation Jet

The machine has one to two seats in the cockpit, as well as six seats for passengers. It is powered by two engines of the type Williams / Rolls-Royce FJ44-1A, each with 8.5 kilonewtons of power. The aircraft has a speed of 704 kilometers per hour and a maximal service ceiling of 12,497 meters. The range touches at 2,750 kilometers and a empty weight of 2,794 kilograms. The Citation Jet also has a maximum takeoff weight of 4,808 kilograms and a maximum landing mass of 4,445 kilograms. The length is 12.98 meters and the height is 4.20 meters. The wingspan is 14.26 meters, with a wing area of 22.30 square meters.

Products and services for the Citation Jet

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