Cessna 441 Series Conquest II

General information about the Conquest II

The Conquest II, also called Cessna 441, is a business jet with two engines. The machine was designed by Cessna in the United States. The first flight took place on August 26, 1975. From 1977 to 1986, 362 pieces of this model were built. The Conquest II is a special model. Because it is the first aircraft from Cessna with turboprob engines. After some problems at the beginning, which were connected with the vibration at the tailplane, the machine was delivered in the year 1977. The aircraft is equipped with a pressurized cabin. In addition, the Conquest II can be flown at higher temperatures than the standard versions. This is due to a modification to the engines. With the Super 8 or Dash 10 version, the power of the engines can be increased enormously, which leads to a better climbing performance and a higher cruising speed.

Technical information about the Conquest II

The Conquest II has room for one or two crew members. Passengers can vary from eight to ten people. The machine has a height of 4.01 meters and a length of 11.89 meters. The span is 15.04 meters, with a wing area of 23.65 square meters. The empty weight is 2,577 kilograms and the maximum takeoff mass is 4,468 kilograms. The aircraft has a cruising speed of 480 kilometers per hour and a top speed of 547 kilometers per hour. The Conquest II can be operated at altitudes of 10,668 meters. This equals the maxiaml service ceiling of the machine. The range is 4,064 kilometers.

Products and services for the Conquest II

Upgrading your machine is essential to getting the plane you've always wanted. Our experts take care of each aircraft individually and give each machine its undivided attention. We are also happy to wait for your machine. We also offer the RAM upgrade for the aircraft. We also like to integrate the Leica Camera System into the Conquest II. This will shoot unique pictures on your flight. We are also happy to respond to your special requests. just contact us.

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