Cessna 421 series – Golden Eagle

General information about the Golden Eagle

The Cessna 421 series is commonly referred to as the Golden Eagle. The machine is a lightweight, twin-engine propeller aircraft of the US company Cessna. The first flight had the machine in October 1965. In the same year, followed by the market entry of the Federal Aviation Administration. The delivery of this model began in May 1967. The aircraft is an improved version of its predecessor, the Cessna 411. Since 1969, however, there is a better version, the Cessna 421A. The following year, the company developed the new model, the Cessna 421B, which offers a wider span and optimized performance. In 1975, Cessna introduced the 421C, which offers other wings, new tanks and better suspension. In 1985, the production of the Golden Eagle was discontinued because product liability in the United States changed. In the period from 1967 to 1985, 1,901 pieces of the model series were produced. Even today, the Golden Eagle is still a coveted aircraft. In the market for used aircraft the machine achieves top price. The model is also used militarily. Military users include:

- New Zealand

- Ski Lanka

- Turkey

- Pakistan

- Bahamas

- Ivory Coast

- Paraguay

Technical information about the Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle has a length of 11.09 meters and a height of 3.49 meters. The span is 12.53 meters with a wing area of 20.0 square meters. There are no more than two crew members and up to eight passengers in the machine. The empty weight of the Golden Eagle is 2,132 kilograms and the maximum straw mass is 3,382 kilograms. It reaches a maximum speed of 444 kilometers per hour. The cruising speed at an altitude of 7,620 meters is 420 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling touches at 9,205 meters, this value refers only to the twin-engine machines. A single-engine Golden Eagle has a service peak of 4,540 meters. The range is 2,755 kilometers at an economic cruising speed with 713 kilograms of fuel. The engines each have a power of 280 kilowatts and the engines are the type Continental GTSIO-520-N.

Products and services for the Golden Eagle

With us you get all the products and services from a single source. Our employees are also pilots and experts in their field. The following products are not only available for the Golden Eagle, but also for the entire Cessna 400 series. To make your flight an extravagant experience, we offer the Leica Camera System. This makes high-resolution images of your flight and creates memories on paper. In addition, we will install the RAM upgrade in your Golden Eagle. Of course, good products characterize a machine and offer added value to the owner or pilot. But services are also essential for an aircraft owner. Our specialists maintain your machine or carry out maintenance. Of course, we also pay attention to the exact compliance with the current laws and regulations of EASA. Of course, we also respond to special requests, just contact us.

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