Cessna 414 Series Chancellor

General information about Chancellor

The Chancellor is a twin-engine aircraft of the American manufacturer Cessna. It is of the type a propeller aircraft, which is provided with a pressurized cabin. The first flight had the machine in 1968. In 1969, the series production began. From 1968 to 1985, 1,055 pieces of the Chancellor were produced. From 1978 an improved version was built, the Cessna 414A Chancellor. This has, among other things, modified fuel tanks. The Cessna 414 is the equivalent of the Cessna 411. The 414 is however much lighter and less powerful motorized. This makes the machine much more economical than its predecessor. The fuselage and wings resemble the Cessna 411 and were adopted for the successor model. From 1976, the Cessna 414 became known under the name Chancellor. Militarily, the model is used by the Bahamas.

Technical information about Chancellor

The Chancellor can accommodate one to two crew and five to eight passengers. This number varies depending on the type (Cessna 414 or Cessna 414A). It is 11.09 meters long and 3.49 meters high. The span is 13.45 meters. The wings have an area of 21.0 square meters. The machine has a empty weight of 1,976 kg and a maximum takeoff, as well as landing weight of 3,062 kg. The cruising speed is 324 kilometers per hour and the maximum speed is 438 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is 9,394 meters and the range is 2,050 kilometers. The Chancellor has a climb of 463 meters per minute. The engines are equipped with two boxer engines of 230 kilowatts each.

Products and services for the Chancellor

We make sure that your machine meets your own expectations. That is why your aircraft is in the best hands with us for conversions of the interior and exterior. We are happy to install the RAM upgrade in your Chancellor. We also offer the Leica Camera System, which makes spectacular pictures on any of your extraordinary flights. We also incorporate these products into the entire Cessna 400 Series.

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