Cessna 411 - Light Aircraft

General information for the Cessna 411

The twin-engine light aircraft of the US company completed its maiden flight on 18 July 1962. The Cessna 411 was then produced until 1968 and has 301 copies on the aircraft market. The machine originated from the Cessna 410, which was never built, and is considered in response to the Beech Queen Air. At launch, this model was the manufacturer's largest business jet. The basic version of the Cessna 411 was replaced in 1967 by the Cessna 411A. This has partially larger tanks, as well as a more economical drive. In 1965, two other, cheaper variants, the Cessna 401 and 402. Therefore, the production of the Cessna 411 ended in 1968 and was replaced by the Cessna 421. Militarily, the machine is used by the French Air Force.

Technical data for the Cessna 411

The following information refers to the advanced model, the Cessna 411A. The Cessna 411 is 10.20 meters long and 3.52 meters high. The wingspan is 12.15 meters and the wing area is 18.6 square meters. Empty, the machine has a weight of 1,973 kilograms, with the value at the maximum take-off mass increased by 975 kilograms to 2,948 kilograms. The cruising speed is 396 kilometers per hour and the machine can reach a top speed of 431 kilometers per hour. The range is 2,003 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling amounts to 7,920 meters. There is room for one to two crew members in the machine. In addition, a maximum of six passengers can be carried.

Products and services for the Cessna 411

In the field of avionics, we offer the Leica Camera System for the Cessna 411. This shoots from your flight high-resolution images and thus creates memories on paper. In addition, we will install the RAM upgrade in your Cessna 411. Furthermore, we are happy to special requests or customizations. Repairs and maintenance are also part of our core business. Talk to us, we look forward to seeing you!

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