Cessna 310 / Cessna 320

General information about the Cessna 310 and the Cessna 320

The Cessna 310 and the Cessna 320 are twin-engine aircraft of the US company Cessna. The machine had its first flight on January 3, 1953, after which the market entry followed in the same year. In the period from 1954 to 1980, 6,321 pieces of the model were produced. The Cessna 310 is after the Second World War, the first, twin-engine model of the manufacturer. The Cessna 320 is also called Skyknight and was developed from the Cessna 310F. She has one seat more than her predecessor, as well as another cabin window. In addition, the company has increased the maximum star weight by 72 kilograms. From this model, a total of 577 pieces were produced between 1961 and 1969. Many of them are still actively involved today. The military name of the model is Blue Canoe. User countries include:
- Argentina
- France
- United States
- Mexico
- Iran
- Zaire

Technical data for the Cessna 310 and the Cessna 320

The following data refer to the model Cessna 310R. The Cessna 310 can accommodate one pilot and up to five passengers. It has a length of 9.74 meters and is 3.25 meters high. The span is 11.25 meters with a wing area of 16.63 square meters. The empty weight of the Cessna 310 is 1,508 kilograms, the maximum take-off mass is 2,490 kilograms. The model has a train load of 982 kilograms. The machine has a cruising speed of 348 kilometers per hour. The top speed touches at 361 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is at 6,019 meters. The tank has a range of 2,150 kilometers. We drove the Cessna 310 from two Continental IO-520 pit engines with 210 kW each. The Cessna 320 has room for up to six passengers. She also has a class Continental TSIO-470-B engine. The evolution of this version, the Cessna 320B, has even added another seat and can carry up to seven passengers.

Products and services for the Cessna 310 and the Cessna 320

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