Cessna 185 Skywagon

General information about Skywagon

The Skywagon is a light aircraft of the US manufacturer Cessna. The machine had its first flight in 1961, after which the market entry followed in the same year. More than 4,400 pieces of the aircraft were built. The Skywagon is an evolution of the Cessna 180. However, it has a stronger hull structure and larger side fins. It also benefits from more powerful engines, between 260 and 300 hp. The name of the Cessna 185, Skywagon, was later also used for the model of the Cessna 207. The propeller of the machine is adjustable. The single-engine full metal shoulder cover has a tail wheel chassis, which is not retractable. In general, the aircraft, based on its flight characteristics, as benevolent. If you easily convert the Skywagon, with only one pilot's seat, the model is often used in parachute clubs. The model is also used militarily in many countries. These are for example:

  -  Iran
  - Israel
  -  Greece
  - Panama
  - Turkey
  - South Africa

Technical data for the Skywagon

In addition to the pilot, up to five passengers can be transported in the Skywagon. It is 2.36 meters high and 7.85 meters long. The wing span is 10.92 meters and the wing area is 16.17 square meters. At sea level, the machine can reach a top speed of 287 kilometers per hour. Otherwise, this is 332 kilometers per hour. The range corresponds to 1,061 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is at 5,230 meters. The Skywagon has a empty weight of 725 kilograms and the maximum flying weight is 1,520 kilograms.

Products and services for Skywagon

For the exterior of the Skywagon we offer the TKS Anti Ice Panels. We also like to do a paint job. This not only decorates the machine, but also protects the aircraft against corrosion. In the Avionics we mount the cockpit upgrade for the model. We also add the new 8.33 kHz frequency range to your Cessna 185.

Our services are all from one source. Our experts maintain your machine and carry out maintenance. In addition, we are happy to special requests, just contact us.

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