Cessna 182 Series

General information about the Skylane

The Cessna 182 is a light aircraft of the US manufacturer Cessna. The machine is also referred to as Skylane. The market entry took place in 1956. The production period is from 1956 to 1985. Since 1996, the model is again in mass production. By 1985, 21,864 pieces were built. The Skylane is one of the most built models in the world. The single-engine, aspired shoulder decker has a nose wheel landing gear. It is based on the Cessna 180. In addition, the aircraft is made entirely of metal. The vertical stabilizer is, for Cessna typical, in a strongly filed form. The Cessna 182 has a variable pitch propeller. The RG models even have a retractable landing gear. Since 2005, the machines can also be supplied with a glass cockpit of the type Garmin G1000.
The Skylane has a variety of uses. These areas of application are divided into sports, travel, training and surveillance aircraft. In addition, the model can be used for landing parachutists. It is also used by the police in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is also used militarily by Argentina, Guatemala, Peru and Uruguay and many other countries. The Cessna 182 was the base model. The subsequent models merely changed their drive. The 182C got a third side window and the 182G was equipped with elliptical rear side windows. The latest model is the Cessna T 182 T, which got its approval in 2001.

Technical data for the Skylane

The machine can carry one pilot and a maximum of three passengers. It is 7.67 meters long and 2.80 meters high. In addition, it has a span of 10.97 meters and a wing area of 16.2 square meters. The Skylane has a maximum cruising speed of 257 kilometers per hour and a top speed of 296 kilometers per hour. The climb rate is 282 meters per minute. Furthermore, the range is 1,078 kilometers. The Skylane has a empty weight of 735 kilograms and a maximum takeoff weight of 1,202 kilograms. The machine is powered by a piston engine of the Continental O-470-L with 172 kilowatts of power. The maximal service ceiling is 5,517 meters.

Products and services for the Skylane

We are happy to carry out a maintenance on your machine. In addition, we offer weightings, test flights, hourly checks and many other services. All services are available from one source. In addition, we gladly respond to your individual wishes regarding your Skylane. Just contact us! Of course, in all work, we make sure that your Cessna 182 complies with the current regulations of EASA.

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