Cessna 177 Cardinal

General information about the Cessna Cardinal

The Cessna 177 is also referred to as Cardinal and was designed by the American manufacturer Cessna and 1968 brought to the aircraft market. The name Cardinal comes from the cardinal bird. The machine is considered a light aircraft and had its first flight one year earlier, 1967. The production time amounts to from 1968 to 1978. In this time period 4,295 copies of the Cessna 177 were manufactured. The single-engine shoulder decker is a clean sheet design based on a new airframe. A unique feature of the Cardinal is the pendulum elevator. In addition to the early 1968 versions, the machines have a variable pitch propeller, the RG models even have a retractable landing gear. In addition, the trapezoidal wing of the Cessna 210 was used with slight changes. The wings were placed further back to ensure the pilot a perfect view. In order to be able to secure a large center of gravity, a pendulum elevator was placed very far back on the aircraft. Because of the relatively weak engine and the relatively high cost of production of the Cessna 177 Cardinal was discontinued. In 1971, the Cessna 177RG was introduced. The RG stands for Retractable Gear, which indicates a retractable landing gear. This model is powered by a powerful 200 hp engine and a Costant-Speed propeller.

Technical data for the Cessna Cardinal

The Cardinal offers space for a maximum of three passengers and a maximum of two pilots. At a length of 8.44 meters, the model is 2.62 meters high. The span is 10.82 meters and the wing area is 16.2 square meters. With a full tank, the payload is 280 kilograms, with an empty weight of 680 kilograms. The Cardinal has a fuel capacity of 189 liters or 50 gallons. The maximum straw mass is 1,100 kilograms and the cruising speed of the Cessna 177 is 230 kilometers per hour. At 250 kilometers per hour is the maximum speed of the machine. The tank range is 1,120 kilometers and the maximal service ceiling is at 4,450 meters. The Cessna 177B is powered by a four-cylinder boxer engine class Lycoming O-360-A1F6D with 135 kilowatts of power.

Products and services for the Cessna Cardinal

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