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General information about Duchess

The Beechcraft 76 series is better known by the name Duchess. The machine was designed by the US company Beechcraft and is powered by two piston engines. The first flight took place in September 1974, the market entry followed in 1978. Between 1977 and 1982, a total of 437 pieces of Duchess were produced. The development of the model is based on a requirement of the Beech Aero Center, which wanted to ensure good low-speed flight characteristics and better maneuverability at engine failures. After a long development phase, the first production aircraft flew on May 24, 1977. The Duchess was designed as a cantilever all-metal low-wing aircraft. On the hull and on the wings, the sandwich construction was used. The wings have a V-position of 6.5 degrees and the filed fin is combined with a T-tail. In addition, the nose gear is hydraulically retractable and the flaps can be operated electronically. The cabin benefits from a door on both sides and the luggage compartment can be loaded separately via a specific flap. By the end of 2015, eleven Duchess were admitted in Germany.

Technical data for the Duchess

The Duchess can carry one crew member and up to three passengers. The machine has a length of 8.84 meters and is 2.89 meters high. At a span of 11.58 meters, the wing area is 16.81 square meters. The wing extension is 7,973. The machine has a empty weight of 1,116 kilograms, with a payload of 381 kilograms. The maximum take-off weight adds up to 1,769 kilograms. The Duchess can reach a top speed of 317 kilometers per hour, but the cruising speed is 293 kilometers per hour. The maximal service ceiling is at 6,000 meters and the range is 1,317 kilometers. The Duchess is powered by two counter-rotating four-cylinder boxer engines of the Lycoming O-360-A1G6D class, each with a power of 134 kilowatts. The engines are also air-cooled.

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