Beechcraft 24 Serie

General information about the Sierra

The Beechcraft 24 series is also known as Sierra. The machine is a single engine cruiser and was designed by the US company Beech Aircraft Corporation. The Sierra has a retractable landing gear and is one of a series of cheap and light aircraft. In addition to the Sierra, the Musketeer and Sundowner are also part of the aircraft family. The plane has a very powerful engine and more seats than her siblings. A total of 744 specimens of the Sierra were built.

Specifications for the Sierra

The Sierra has space for one pilot and up to five passengers. It is 7.85 meters long and 2.51 meters high. The span is 10.0 meters and the wing area is 13.60 square meters. The Beechcraft 24 series is powered by a piston engine of the type Lycoming IO-360-A1D with 149 kilowatts of power. The maximum cruising speed is 267 kilometers per hour and the top speed touches at 311 kilometers per hour. The tank has a range of 1,198 kilometers. The Sierra has a maximal service ceiling of 4,689 meters. The empty weight of the aircraft is 777 kilograms. The maximum take-off mass increases to 1,247 kilograms.

Products and Services for the Sierra

We are happy to perform maintenance on your Sierra. We also take care of repairs or make test flights. With us you benefit from a first-hand service. All services are provided by our experts. These are themselves passionate pilots and are very knowledgeable about matter aviation. Of course, in all work, we make sure that your Sierra complies with the laws and regulations of EASA. We are happy to respond to your request for customization. Just contact us!

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